Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A big meeting of everyone at base camp this morning (after a memorial service for the dead Sherpas). Representatives of the Sherpa community and the western climbing companies spoke. The missing party was the government (understandable as no-one can come straight up from Khatmandu to base camp without getting very sick).
The majority of the Sherpas clearly want to quit the mountain in respect for the dead. They have issued a 13 point set of demands to the government which look on the face of it unachievable. There are so many possible outcomes to this but time isn't on our side.
In the meantime the glacier is melting. The floor of my tent is getting very uneven and there are little rivers running throughout our camp. The JG food is still much better than the tea houses but how I long for Helen's cooking !

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  1. Hope everything goes the right way for you David, positive thoughts and prayers to you all x