Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Well at last the news we have been half expecting. David Hamilton (our leader) is prepared to hold out until all hope is exhausted but has informed us that realistically the Everest climbing season is over. Too many of the Sherpas are simply unwilling to climb the mountain this year. A few hard core mountaineers will do it without Sherpa support but we are not in that league.
Yaks have been summoned from Luckla and will be here in 4 days. Its then a 3 day walk back to Luckla followed by flights home via Khatmandu. Should be back in the UK the weekend of May 2nd.
Naturally we are all disappointed but it is sobering to think that we would have been passing the avalanche site at just that time of the morning a few days later. It could have so easily been us.
Anyone want to buy high altitude gear - reasonable prices.....


  1. Tough luck Dave. I guess there was little choice in view of the circumstances. Anyway, well done, a great effort. The experience will have been priceless. Show us the pics back at YGC. High altitude gear? It will come in handy for those high wave flights! All the best. Phil Lazenby

  2. Sad to hear, Dave, we are truly disappointed for you, but would rather have you back here safe and sound. Devastated for the lost men and their families, and at the inadequate levels of compensation. Take care.

  3. Hi David,
    Really sorry to hear the news. As you say half expected, but that doesn't make it any easier for your or the rest of the team. I read an interesting comment on the latest Alan Arnette blog today, which likens the Sherpas situation to that of British coal miners. Coal miners have a very dangerous job and are not forced to work underground, but how else do you feed your family? I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you one day and talking mountains. Kevin (rummikub)