Friday, 4 April 2014

We have arrived in Deboche on our way to base camp. We have 10 climbers and 4 trekkers (including Helen of course). The walking has been strenuous with two tough climbs into Namche Bazzaar and Tengboche. We have had some wonderful views of Everest but will not see it for a while now as we get closer and it is hidden behind Nuptse - another giant. The weather tends to be intense sunshine in the morning with cloud and usually snow by late afternoon. The food is ....passable. Helen can eat it but I will only make it to base camp with supplemental chocolate and cake. We have a good group containing some serious athletes - however I feel strong, a niggling knee strain seems to be clearing up and my back problem has all but disappeared. Tomorrow we rise above the tree line and the landscape will become bleaker. So far Helen and I are acclimatising fairly well. We have had a few headaches but are currently feeling good.

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