Saturday, 19 April 2014

The icefall has been closed for 4 days by agreement between the teams. The shortest route is the most dangerous. A longer route away from the avalanche danger may have to be created. The extra days in base camp might give my sore throat chance to heal. Every time I swallow it feels like a knife is being thrust into it. A chance to wash some clothes as well. Our Sherpa team is seriously depleted - down from 13 to 6 we understand (1 death, 5 injuries , and 1 on compassionate leave. The Sherpa community is very close and all of
them have been touched by this tragedy. My own motivation has certainly taken a knock. Helen will be in the air now on her way back to civilisation. There are some very strange clouds above Everest. I think they are lenticulars indicating very strong winds on the summit.

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