Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A few very welcome rest days before we step out onto the icefall. I am eating well now and feeling much stronger. I have a Khumbu cough but not as bad as when I was last here. Most of the guys have it to some degree.
Watched movies after dinner for last two nights - a chick flick (holiday) and my favourite -  Taken.
The Jagged Globe set up is first class and I am confident about their safety drills. One sad note was the fall and concussion of Phillip, one of our climbing team. He was evacuated by helicopter and I doubt if he will be able to rejoin us. He was my fellow "grey man at the back" so I will miss him.
I miss Helen now she has gone back down but I now have to build bonds with my team members.
Lying in my sleeping bag at night I hear crashing avalanches and what sounds like gunshot as the glacier slowly moves. This scope for time lapse photography at night is immense but it is so cold outside.
I think about 50% of the climbers have now arrived. It's a truly weird place.
bye for now

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